Park Hold Four Categories Activities For Festival Of Lanterns

Park push four categories activities make yuanxiao Lantern Festival known as "Lantern Festival", the lamp is the biggest characteristic of this festival. City each big park scrambling up the lanterns BeiXinQiao nearby south hall - spring park will launch to meet the parade, beihai park in the south gate set out "lantern riddle quiz" game, distinctive "tea temple fair" will also in shijingshan eight main point parks debut. Meanwhile, in 1997, the temple of heaven park apr.17th, beihai chun blessing culture festival, the Summer Palace suzhou street palace city, the xiangshan climing prayers are four classical gardens natrium cheung activities are from the Spring Festival lasted until the fifteenth, tourists can attend km red carpet walk bonanza, folk carnival carnival, au[censored] ious climing etc series of activities.

This year, Beijing botanical garden for citizens prepare a delicious yuanxiao, enter preschool tourists can edge cuisine, edge appreciate various flowers garden purples, early feel spring in the air. Meanwhile, orchid exhibition, the plum flower miniascape is exhibited, lily exhibition etc during the Spring Festival is very po[censored] r in the market, the exhibition on Lantern Festival will continue to meet with tourists. If the distance botanical garden too far, citizens might as well come to zhongshan park reward spring brightness, here, Beijing celebrity name orchid exhibition, chun high-quality goods flower show will continue until the end of the month.

One year after the two heavy snow, let citizens recently to realize "snow" taste, YuYuanTan, TaoRanTing and jingshan urban parks of ice and snow project is still in business. Citizens may seize the Spring Festival of the tail, took the children in snow and ice field, playing on the snow flying saucers, snow CS, snow motorcycle, sled dog entertainment projects release festival enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, the Beijing zoo "panda rabbit" scientific exhibition, rabbit clay sculpture, pottery, paper-cuttings etc various art exhibits and winter camp, the weekend series such as small classroom activities are the children train the students' practical ability of good places.

In order to ensure the Lantern Festival festival peace, each park fire safety equipment and personnel team has full funding. The Lantern Festival day, each unit will be banned in fire prevention publicity and the sa[censored] uard work in the most important position, and will continue to be in accordance with the safety plan during the Spring Festival is scheduled for a security forces.

In accordance with the provisions of the muni[censored] l administration, the units of cultural relics protection and around 10 meters for fireworks JinFangOu, 10 meters to 30 meters for anti-aircraft limit put area. The park will be ready to garden wall and boundary in fire safety work, strengthening of parks nearby units and residents' banned in publicity, avoid not kindle Mars, launching vibration, give theses walls wall and the surrounding the dangers of. Muni[censored] lizational 11 park will full swing 960 a camera real-time monitoring, at any time from the park each key regional picture.

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